SHOR is your one-stop shop for Rock-stardom.

Photos by Ruby Rivera 


The Schoolhouse of Rock or SHOR is a private music school that embraces the spontaneity and exuberance of ROCK music. While there are many schools of thought when it comes to music education, The Schoolhouse of Rock is guided by one main concept- it should be fun to learn to play music (that's why it's called "playing," right?) We believe that kids and adults are entitled to learn to play and understand music at their own pace in an environment where they are free to express themselves and enjoy the process. That means the teachers at the SHOR are responsible for not only having a depth and breadth in terms of music comprehension, experience, practice, and theory but that the brunt of the responsibility for ensuring that every student who walks through the doors has a positive learning experience falls on their shoulders.

One of the primary benefits of taking lessons at the SHOR? 

The contagious enthusiasm of our staff. 

Our teachers are still excited about music, they really love teaching and they create very strong bonds with their students and their families. Our phenomenal staff is indubitably what sets us apart from other music schools— the main staff consists of three people, faces with whom you are probably pretty familiar if you’ve ever been to SHOR. Let’s hear it, ladies and gentlemen, for the Trifecta of Awesome, the Triumvirate of Rock Education:

Ethan Means, Joseph Miller and Sarah Fire. (crowd roars, applause lasts for 2-3 minutes, crowd subsides eventually but remains thoroughly star struck) Ethan, Joseph and Sarah exist at the core of the SHOR at all times, both literally and figuratively. 

At SHOR we don’t have a revolving door of teachers and the vast majority of our staff was here last year, is here today and will be here tomorrow, and the year after that.

Our staff

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